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MALWAREBYTES 4 Premium Review

For the most part, MALWAREBYTES has been exceptional protection software for Windows users out there, who are quite conscious about their security online. And the good news is that MALWAREBYTES just got a new update.

The antimalware software’s scan speeds is enhanced, the software launches much faster now, and offers superlative protection. This update is actually known as MALWAREBYTES 4.0.

After months of beta testing, this new version of MALWAREBYTES is now available for every user out there. This new update brings a lot of improvements. Moreover, it comes with a new scanning engine, which is called “MALWAREBYTES Katana Engine”.

This particular scanning engine amalgamates new detection technologies with the best existing detection engines the brand has.

Now, if you want to know more about this new version of MALWAREBYTES, let’s explore what it is capable of and see if it’s worth trying.

Let’s dive in!


MALWAREBYTES is now better incorporated with catching legacy-style malware and handle 0-hour malware in real time, all thanks to its layered defence of signature-less and proactive technologies.

The brand says that all these new scanning technologies aid close the gap between a full-blown antimalware program and MALWAREBYTES. The brand goes as far as saying the latest trait of their latest antimalware software that gives better protection against 0-day threats compared to many conventional antimalware solutions out there.

This is quite a strong claim considering that the brand has always been seen as more of a supplement to an antimalware program.

When you install this new MALWAREBYTES version, its default trait is to register itself as the main line of protection for Windows. Make sure to remember this if you’re going to install this new update while opting to another AV.

MALWAREBYTES 4.0 Key Features

Easier Updates – more automation only implies that you will receive the most recent defence with less effort

Cyber-Security News – dynamic feed will always keep you informed of the latest malicious threats and certain security topics

Threat Statistics – enable you to see what the brand is doing for you in real-time and acquire a first-hand view of what malicious threats can do to your protection

Improved UI – completely redesigned UI which is simple to use, more informative, and intuitive

Quicker Threat Definition Process – streamlines the publishing of new definitions, which ultimately reduces the time it will take to protect user from new malicious threats

Signature-less Behavioural Detection – detects the newest variants of malicious threats that attempt to avoid conventional signatures through operation time packing, encryption, and obfuscation, offering immediate defence against new malicious threats that conventional antimalware can’t easily detect

Expanded malware Detection – can even block more malware and malicious threats now for better defence

Enhanced 0-hour Detection – easily identifies new threats as they arise and before they can cause some damage on your computer

MALWAREBYTES 4.0 – An Honest Review

For the most part, MALWAREBYTEs antimalware has been an excellent security protection for many Windows users out there.

Many users utilize this software not just because it’s great but also because it really works great with other conventional antimalware program out there. But now, you don’t have to install any antimalware program just to safeguard your computer from malicious threats since MALWAREBYTES 4.0 can do it all, more from this blog.

You see, this particular upgrade of MALWAREBYTES comes with a clean and elegant UI. In addition, this new version scans files four times much faster compared to the older versions. This is most likely the biggest advantage because conventional antimalware normally take more time to scan the whole system for malicious threats.

Moreover, the new interface of this upgraded MALWAREBYTES offers 3 sections, namely: Real-time protection for premium users, scanner, and detection history.

Real-time Protection

As we mentioned, this feature is only limited to premium users only. With this feature you can toggle on or off the following:

  • Exploit Protection
  • Ransom-ware Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • Web Protection


Pressing the Scan button will start the scanning process. Your computer’s system will go through certain filters before showing a scan report. After the scan is completed, you’ll then be presented with accurate findings.

For some instance that the antimalware finds any malicious threats or programs, you will be immediately informed. Of course, you can also resort to deleting these malicious threats. In addition, it allows you to export the scan result in .txt format.

Whenever you scan your computer with MALWAREBYTES 4.0, it creates a fresh report. All of these scan can be found in the Reports tab.

Detection History

Clicking on detection history opens a dashboard that displays the Quarantined items.


Here are the setting sections of MALWAREBYTES 4.0

About – It lists the product versions and some essential details. From the about section, you can also check for updates.

Account Details – this section will tell you if you’re using a free or premium version. If you’ve got a license key, this is where you want to put the key.

Allows List – you can put apps that you don’t want to get scanned in this section.

Security – configures certain items that you want to get scanned in this section.

Notifications – you can configure how you want MALWAREBYTES to notify you with important events

General – in this section, you can configure the antimalware to make it behave the way you want it to.

Important to Remember

We have seen some reports saying that the previous MALWAREBYTES versions may not automatically upgrade to the current version. That’s why there is a chance that you will need to grab the new installer and update it manually.

Now, for users out there who have a premium plan to MALWAREBYTES 3.0, keep in mind that you can upgrade to the latest version for free and your current license will still work with the new update.

On the other hand, a subscription is needed for most of the more innovative security features which include real-time virus monitoring and protection against ransom-ware. In addition, users who use the free version of MALWAREBYTES 4.0 can still expect some updated user interface.

Final Thoughts

This new version of MALWAREBYTES is certainly the next generation of the prominent antimalware, MALWAREBYTES Antimalware. MALWAREBYTES 4.0 is an amalgamation of every MALWAREBYTES innovation, which include web protection, anti-ransom ware, anti-exploit, and of course antimalware.

This new version’s user interface is pretty simple but solid. It comes with a dashboard that displays your current subscription. In addition, you can easily launch a scan with just a single click. This doesn’t imply that you will not be able to observe any changes. For example, in spite of all the additional innovations, the company says that system scans are now three to four times much faster.

Moreover, experiences users out there will also find a wide range of options, settings, and switches that will help to configure the software. For instance, you don’t need an option to turn the anti-exploit off or on.

You can also individually define the types of programs where each of these will be used which include media players, PDF readers, Office, browsers, and many more.

You can also customize 5 Java technologies, 5 application behavior checks, 8 memory protection methods, and  six separate 6 component innovations such as ASLR, anti-heap spraying, DEP, and so on

Keep in mind that MALWAREBYTES 4.0 will automatically update any current MALWAREBYTES anti-ransom ware, anti-exploit, and antimalware installations to a fourteen-day trial of MALWAREBYTES 4.

How about you? Do you have any feedback on the new MALWAREBYTES 4.0? If so, kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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