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HP 950 VS 950XL What is the Differences

There are a lot of printer brands that only manufacture ink cartridges for their own printers only. Or something like you can’t use an HP ink cartridge to a dell printer.

The thing about inkjet printers is that they are quite economical. In particular, they provide high-quality outputs which include images as well as texts. Nonetheless, it is no really suitable for mass printing. They are most likely suited for home use.

Now, inkjet printers generate colorful outputs. Thus, if you are using one of the best inkjet printers out there, chances are you also need the best ink cartridges.  So, with that said, let’s examine two of the best HP ink cartridges we discovered through an extensive research.

Ready? Then, let’s get started!

HP Ink 950 vs. 950XL

Do you have an HP printer but don’t have a clue what cartridge unit to get? Well, truth is that, there’s really not that much difference between HP 950 and HP 950XL except for the fact that 950XL provides more page yields.

HP950 VS HP950XL – Black Cartridges

Both of these models can operate for many years. But first of all, the HP950 can print up to 1000 pages. 950XL on the other hand can do 2300 pages. Their huge difference when it comes to page yields is the main reason why you would want to top with HP 950XL. Not to mention that it will only cost much less per page printed, which has better overall value for your hard-earned money.

Now, if you want to save up more then what you want to do is always consider refurbished ink cartridges since they are normally much cheaper especially if bought online. Check House of Inks for more recommendations.

Anyways, a lot of HP printers that can operate on both Compatible and Refurbished ink cartridges are listed just below. But first, both HP 950 and 950XL utilize inkjet technology in order to print. When it comes to pricing, the HP950 is much cheaper since it can only do lesser page yields compared to HP 950XL, which can do much more page yields, and thus it is much pricier.

But keep in mind that with the higher price, the cost per page printed will probably be minimal compared to using the HP 950 model.

So as we mentioned earlier, here are the compatible printers for both HP Ink 950 and 950XL: Office Jet Pro: 251 DW, 276 DW, 8100, 8100 – N811A, 8600, 8600 Plus, 8,600 Plus – N911G, 8600 Plus – N911N, 8600 Premium, 8600 Premium – N911N, and 8660, 8640, 8630, 8620, 8615,  and 8610

What Ink Cartridge Do You Need?

First of all, inkjet printers come with multiple ink cartridges that operate together in producing certain documents such as contracts, letters, and more. When an ink cartridge runs out of ink, one must replace it with the right ink cartridge in order for the printer to operate appropriately.

Now, each ink cartridge comes with a number that aids users to identify it at online stores, electronic stores, or even supply stores. Also, take note that ink cartridges are also available even at retail superstores out there.

Ink Cartridge Carrier

One’s ink cartridge number is located at the front or top of the ink cartridge carrier on a certain sticker. This very sticker also comes with the color of the cartridge which are Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Black. If your printer comes with a color ink cartridge that amalgamates all three colors which are Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta, then the amalgamated cartridge will come with a single number rather than three. Additionally, the right number can also be located on each ink cartridge itself.

Printer Manual

For the most part, ink cartridges’ numbers can also be found on the printer’s manual. Just search for the number next to the wording cartridge type or cartridge number and you’re good to go as long as you remember the numbers.

Ink Cartridge Card

There are ink cartridge models out there which include the HP model that offers wallet-sized reference card that has your ink cartridge numbers. This particular card also comes with your printer’s model number as well as what brand it originated. After that, put the card in your wallet or other safe place so you can use them as reference later on when have to purchase replacement cartridges.

Manufacturer’s Website

Furthermore, you can find out what kind of ink cartridges your printer requires by simply visiting their website and entering the printer’s unit number in their website’s search engine and you’re good to go.

Picking the Ideal Ink Cartridge

Nowadays, printers are pretty much everywhere. They are utilized in our day-to-day life from projects, t-shirts, coupons, tickets, and of course printing fax. Of course, when it comes to printers, we shouldn’t forget ink cartridges. These particular tools enable the printer to do its task and provide color on the printed document. It could be a little bit hard to pick ink cartridges. But worry not; with this review, hopefully you can get the right model for you.

Identifying a Compatible Ink Cartridge

It’s not uncommon when an ink cartridge is returned and replaced due to incompatibility of the ink cartridge to the actual printer. Thus, before even purchasing an ink cartridge, make sure that you first check the printer models first placed at the front or below of the printer. Make use of this tip to understand if the ink cartridge that you want to purchase is compatible with your current printer. You see, ink cartridges are simply different from each other just like a Lexmark ink cartridge is only suited for Lexmark Printers.

Final Thoughts

If you want to acquire to get an ink cartridge for the printer in your home, then you can opt with the HP950. However, if you’re looking for a more heavy-duty or something that can provide more outputs then HP950XL is the perfect choice. You see, HP950XL is perfect for offices or companies that have always a lot to print.

If the HP950XL is still not giving enough capacity for your needs, then you can simply opt for laser printers out there which are more innovative than inkjet printers.

Anyways, if this article is helpful, please leave any comment below. Thank you and see you in another review!

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