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3 Best Monitor For Eye Strain 2020 | Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

In this day and age, most of us are looking at monitors most of the time. That’s why, if you want to stay your eyes healthy especially when watching movies, then you should know how to pick the best monitors for eye fatigue.

You’ll be staring at your screen for long periods of time to play some video games, watch movies, or work. Picking an eye friendly monitor is particularly important if you have kids in your house. Now, it could be difficult to pick the best monitor for eye fatigue due to a myriad of reasons which include brands, factors, technologies, and so on.

But that’s why we’re here. In this article, we will help you choose the best pick for your eye needs so you don’t deteriorate it. All of the monitors we will be featuring in this article will surely suffice your needs and your budget. So make sure to stay tuned till the end.

Quick Summary

The first on the list is the Acer SB220Q bi. This unit is perfect for both movie and game lovers who want an inexpensive 21.5 inch monitor. This particular monitor from Acer features AMD’s FreeSync anti-tearing technology, a 70 Hertz refresh rate, and 4ms pixel response in order to provide smooth as well as awesome gaming and movie experience.

The second on the list is the Samsung LC24F396FHNXZA. This particular monitor is also an inexpensive option, which is also perfect for watching movies, playing video games, and for work purposes. This unit is actually the upgraded version of the Samsung model C24F390. In particular, this unit uses Vertical Alignment panel that gives its users an impressive contrast ratio of around 3000:1 which makes dark shades more noticeable and vibrant. Also, it features 178 degree viewing angles for better viewing experience.

And last on the list is the BenQ GW2780. This one comes with a stylish and sleek IPS monitor, which is perfect for many tasks and activities such as watching movies. This unit doesn’t come with any high-refresh rate or color accuracy factors. However, in terms of design, it boasts a sleek but play design that makes it perfect for a variety of preferences.

Who Should Get This?

You should get a monitor for eye strain if you’re is looking fatigue or easily get irritated when you look at the screen. In particular, the best monitors for eye fatigue in this list are all excellently well-made and high performing displays. Aside from watching long hours of movies, they are also perfect for YouTube, Netflix, Internet, and word processing.

Furthermore, these units are also perfect selections if you like playing video games. It doesn’t matter if you like turn-based RTS titles or fast-paced FPS games, all of the units listed here are perfect choice for your gaming needs.

All in all, just get one if you don’t want your eyes to get deteriorated.

What to Consider?

Ergonomic Construction

This factor is essential especially if you usually use your monitor for long period of times. With ergonomic built, it will allow you to adjust the height level based on your taste. See, viewing your monitor from a bad height or angle is also one of the main factors why there’s eye strain. That’s why, look for a monitor that can be adjusted based on your height and angle preference.

Anti-Glare/Matte Display

Monitors incorporated with matte display or anti-glare can dissipate reflected light, which significantly minimizes eye fatigue and strain. Glossy and smooth screen usually reflects light directly backwards, which results in unnecessary glare. Such occurrence can strain your eyes. That’s why if you want the best monitor, get one with anti-glare panel.


The second factor that you should definitely consider is a technology called flicker-free. If you didn’t know, flickering is the state of the LED backlight fast on and off cycle. This is actually the way how screen keeps its brightness level. If you try working on low-brightness, then you might notice the flickering of the monitor. The reason why it’s bad for the eyes is because whenever the display flickers, the user’s pupil will expand and contrast based, which ultimately strains the eyes. That’s you should get a flicker-free screen.

Blue Light Filter

This particular factor is the most crucial factor you would want to consider if you want to prevent eye fatigue because of prolonged exposure to monitor. The thing about blue light is that they cause sleeping disorders, headaches, strains, and eye damage because they are harmful blue-violet radiation. So, when looking for the best monitors for eye fatigue, don’t forget to check if it is incorporated with blue light filter.

Best Monitors For eye fatigue when you Watching Movies (Reviewed in 2020)

1. Acer SB220Q bi 21.5 inches Full HD

An Inexpensive Option

This particular monitor is perfect for movie and game lovers who want a pretty cheap 21.5 inch monitor. It features AMD’s FreeSync anti-tearing technology, a 70 Hertz refresh rate, and 4ms pixel response in order to give smooth and fantastic gaming and movie experience.

In Plane Switch

In particular, this unit’s 21.5 inch IPS or In Plane Switch can provide clear 1920p x 1080p, and it boasts a very thin zero frame design. For a pretty cheap monitor, this unit’s performance will for sure meet your expectations on watching movie as well as playing games. Its good performance is all thanks to its fast refresh rate and pixel response.

Seamless Action

You won’t see any ghosting or blurring on high-graphics games, but that is if your laptop or desktop pushes seamless action. Overall, this unit is a cheap monitor that’s perfect for movie lovers and gamers out there.

What We Like:

  • Features 21.5 inches Full HD widescreen IPS display
  • Great aspect ratio
  • Ultra-thin and zero-frame design
  • Incorporated with AMD Radeon FreeSync
  • Very reasonable price

What We Don’t Like:

  • It would be great if it comes with HDMI cable
  • You can’t mount it on a wall or versa mount

2. Samsung 23.5″ FHD Curved LED-Lit FreeSync Monitor(LC24F396FHNXZA)

An Upgraded Version

This monitor is also a cheap choice that is perfect for watching movies, work, and gaming. It is actually the improved version of Samsung C24F390.  It utilizes vertical alignment panel that provides you an impressive contrast ratio of around 3000:1 which makes dark shades more distinct as well as vivid.

Perfect Viewing Angles

Aside from that, vertical alignment panels provide wide 178 degree viewing angles, so the brightness, contrast, or color won’t notably shift when the user look at a particular angle. Furthermore, it comes with an input lag of 11ms which is fast enough to get rid of any perceptible lags. In addition, this unit’s response time is 4ms which efficiently get rids of motion and trailing blur of fast-moving displays.

Free Sync Feature

Also, if you’ve got an AMD Free-Sync compatible graphics card, you can utilize Free Sync because it synchronizes with the monitor’s refresh rate to the graphic processor unit’s frame rate. Overall, this unit comes with an interesting display because of its high contrast and curved screen ratio. Not to mention that it comes with reasonable price.

What We Like:

  • Features 1800R curvature of the screen for better viewing experience
  • Stunning design because of its sleek curves and black body metallic finish
  • Comes with 4 GTG millisecond response time
  • Features eye saver mode that optimizes the user’s viewing comfort
  • Its AMD Free Sync significantly lowers input latency

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Would be nice if it comes with internal speakers
  • It seems leaning forward a bit too much

3. BenQ 27 Inch GW2780

High-refresh Rate

This particular monitor is a stylish and sleek IPS monitor that is suitable for various tasks and activities, especially watching movies. The BenQ GW2780 doesn’t have any high-refresh rate or color accurate factors. However, it amalgamates great price range and excellent specs.

Design and Features

When it comes to design, it boasts a sleek but plain design that makes it suitable into wide preferences. Its chassis features matte black that aids the unit to avoid dust and smudges. Its main feature when it comes to design is its three-side borderless design.

Display and Performance

As for the display and performance, this unit comes with a 27 inch IPS panel along with 5ms response time, 60Hz refresh rate, and 1920 x 1080 resolution. Its screen is supported by a 250cd/m2 WLED backlight. Overall, this unit is a very good pick if you want a monitor that you won’t worry about budget or want a display for multi-head setups. BenQ GW2780’s construction quality is quite good and pretty reliable.

What We Like:

  • Features invisible cable management system
  • Carbon fiber design and texture aids to resist potential scratches
  • Features ultra slim bezel design
  • Incorporated with Low Blue Light Technology for less eye strain
  • Comes with Flicker-free Technology

What We Don’t Like:

  • Its contrast could be better
  • Its frameless design exposes edge of LCD panel

Useful Tips for Minimizing Eye Strain

Rest and Stretch

Regardless if your posture or the display is right, working or watching in the same form for long periods of hours won’t do good for your eyes.  You see, constantly staring at a particular thing at fixed distance can decline your eyes capabilities to concentrate.

Just don’t forget to take at least ten to fifteen minutes break every once in an hour. You can drink water often so you are forced to stand up and take a pee, which makes you move around. Here are some stretching moves you can do.

Check Your Posture

Basically, the distance between you and your monitor must be at least around forty centimeters if your monitor has a wide screen. One main reason is because the wider screen won’t fit fully into your field of vision unless you distance yourself.

It doesn’t matter what kind of instances, if you’re viewing a monitor at a distance of just thirty centimeters or less, then your eyes might surely become strained. Make sure you know your posture and distance from your monitor. Here’s how to improve your posture.

Check your Work Environment

If the lightings are near the center of your room, and your computer is set up by facing the wall, even though the degree of brightness seems different, you can still experience quite similar to sunlight shining on your PC’s screen from behind.

If this is your case, then make sure to change the layout of your working environment. Get shiny glare panels because they are engineered to give precise colorful and blacks display, which make them ideal for watching movies.

Closing Words

And that sums it up! For the most part, this review is carefully made for you so you can take care of your eyes while enjoying your favorite movies without worrying about anything. Rest assured that all three monitors we featured above can help you do what you want while taking care of yourself and staying healthy.

Our eyesight is one of the most important parts of the body that we want to protect. If you’re normally using your PC on a day-to-day basis, then please do yourself a favor especially your eyes, and opt with the best monitors for eye fatigue when watching movies.

If we were able to help you, kindly leave your feedback down below. Thanks!

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